littleDecorAbout Enlace Consulting and Resource Group

In 2013, Shirley Aldana { pronouns: she/hers/ella } founded ENLACE { pronounced en-laah-céh } a consulting firm that specializes in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives.

Enlace {en-laah-céh} is also a Spanish and English bilingual term, which promotes the idea of launching a collaboration and weaving together diverse ideas, cultures, and structures that can help organizations champion policies and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion that empower and advocate for a just, inclusive, and equitable work culture.


As a former undocumented Guatemalan immigrant, and woman of color, her personal experiences with racial and gender discrimination and her combined years of service as a volunteer and business experience in diverse fields equipped Shirley with a special perspective, and skills and talents to help navigate complex organizational structures.

Shirley earned her Master of Social Work at the University of Southern California (USC), where she also completed her undergraduate studies in Cultural Anthropology, with a Political Science minor in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics. Currently, she is a doctoral student at Adler University and pursuing her graduate dissertation research on Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

She is the co-founder of 'EquiLogue' and sits on the Executive Committee of the Austin Multicultural Festival in Austin, Texas. She co-founded a graduate student-led collaborative USC Advancing Racial Equity or ARE. Shirley serves on several boards including the USC Society of Trojan Women an alumni leadership board; and Mujeres Iniciando en las Americas (MIA), a U.S. based nonprofit of immigrant women providing educational services and empowering women in Guatemala.


Understanding why or why not you like your work is important to your well being and performance at work. Not to mention the quality of daily life while you earn a living. To help you better your environment at work or home we have assessments that will point us in the right direction for what action is needed next.